Local hero.

When prostate cancer cells are localized, Endocare® Cryotherapy is an ideal approach to destroying diseased tissue. It's a natural choice over lengthy radiation therapy because it kills cancer cells in minutes.

Ice and repeat.

Because ice is a naturally non-toxic cancer-fighting agent, it offers a low-impact option for high-risk or weaker patients that are not suited for surgery or radiation therapy. But many patients can appreciate the comfort and speed of recovery offered by cryoablation.

Offering second chances.

Salvage cryotherapy is for treating prostate cancer in cases where radiation has been ineffective. In the 20-30% of prostate cancer cases that resist radiation, salvage cryotherapy is a natural solution to more dramatic interventions like prostatectomy.

Great beginnings.

It's not only urologists discovering the benefits of cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is now a common interventional oncology treatment for cancer cells in the lung and kidney as well as liver metastases and palliative intervention for cancer. And the natural pain-management properties of ice are being applied to palliative intervention to manage pain resulting from metastatic cancer.